BCM cross-interactions with Clinicians


The objective of BioCampus Montpellier is to promote the contact and the interactions between academics and clinicians in order to develop innovative high-quality translational research projects and to create efficient networks.

The services proposed to clinicians by the facilities are:

  • Technical services
  • “Open access” services
  • Creation of partnerships and collaborations
  • Scientific and technical expertise
  • Technology workshops (theoretical and practical training)

Whitin BioCampus Montpellier, we propose

  • Scientific events that match the needs of clinicians: organization of science open days dedicated to clinicians (round tables, personalized meetings…)
  • A working group which will include also university hospital doctors involved in research and with the aim of adapting the services proposed by BioCampus Montpellier to the clinicians’ expectations.

 Manager of the working group: Brigitte COUETTE
IGF Sud, Pièce 017
Tel : 04 34 35 92 11
Mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • The facilities can be contacted by using this contact contact form


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