Organigramme BCM

In 2009, in the framework of the creation of the Research and Higher Education Cluster (Pôle de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur;
PRES) and of the fusion of the Montpellier Universities into the University of Montpellier South of France (UMSF), the 20 Research Units in Health and Biology wished to put in place a single Federal Research Structure (Structure Fédérative de Recherche; SFR) to bring together the former Federal Research Institutes IFR3 and IFR 122. This is how BioCampus Montpellier (UMS3426 CNRS-US009 INSERM-UM1-UM2) was created.

Mixed Service Unit

BioCampus Montpellier is a Mixed Service Unit (UMS) that was born on the 1st of January 2011 by signed agreement of an association contract among the Montpellier Universities, UM1 and  UM2, INSERM ans CNRS

The Unit mission is to make equipment available to all research structures and to carry out associated actions to support research.


The technology facilities of BioCampus Montpellier are housed at 8 sites:

  • Arnaud de Villeneuve (CBS, IGF, IGH, U1046)
  • Route de Mende (CPBS, CRBM, IGMM)
  • Val d’Aurelle (IRCM)
  • Saint Eloi (IRB, INM)
  • Triolet (UM2)
  • INRA
  • Agropolis (CIRAD, IRD)
  • Cap Oméga


 Map of UMS BioCampus Montpellier sites




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