BCM cross-interactions with Research

Welcome Handbook for foreign visitors 

Life Science research requires multiple technological and intellectual skills. For this reasons research groups are often faced with the need of finding the know-hows required for a specific project.

Our role is to implement an active communication policy based on the following principles:

  • Organization of conferences, seminars and science open days
  • Organization of technology workshops that include both theoretical and practical training to make the expertise of the technology facilities available to the whole scientific community
  • Diffusion on the BCM website of all the weekly seminars in Montpellier
  • A directory of the scientific skills/know-hows available in Montpellier will be soon developed. This directory, in which search will be done by using “key words” or a “clickable” schematic (expertise network), will have a double function:
    • To quickly identify close thematic neighbours in order to create networks
    • To quickly identify an expert in another domain
    • To allow researchers who would like to work in one of the units affiliated to BioCampus Montpellier to find rapidly the expertise they are interested in and the scientists with whom they would like to interact.

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