BioCampus Montpellier. Your project accelerator!

BioCampus Montpellier pools and manages very high level material and human resources that are also at the service of companies to help them to overcome their technological bottlenecks.

Indeed, BioCampus Montpellier objective of addressing specialized technical questions is complementary to the mission of the French service and innovation agencies (Sociétés de Service et d’Innovation; SSI). Specifically, BioCampus Montpellier offers innovative solutions that cannot be provided by SSIs because they do not master the required technology, or because the question is too specialized or requires an economic model that cannot be supported by an SSI.

The engineers of the BioCampus Montpellier facilities will help you to choose the best approach and will address your needs. They know the advantages and limitations of the techniques of which they are expert and can also suggest the most suitable instrument.

As they have a good global vision of their academic users’ scientific expertise, our engineers may also put you in contact with the relevant research group(s), if your needs go beyond the technical possibilities of our facilities. BioCampus Montpellier favours the partnerships between industry and academic research.

BioCampus Montpellier supports innovative ideas from their birth (TRL1&2) and maturation (TRL3), to their transformation in prototypes and industrial applications (TRL >3).

BioCampus Montpellier knows the private-sector specificities (confidentiality, reliability, reactivity) and has been addressing their needs for many years.

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In the last years, we have been counting among our clients 74 companies and 3 public-sector institutions, besides research-based EPICs (public-sector industrial or commercial institutions)/EPST (public-sector scientific and technical research institutions).

The BioCampus Montpellier facilities welcome regularly companies of all sizes, from the young start-up to the multinational enterprise. They are either simply clients, or they collaborate with a facility in the framework of a research contract.

Local, national and international outreach

These companies are mainly local. However, in some cases, our clients are local branches of some SMEs/LEs the headquarters of which are in France, outside the Occitanie region, or abroad. Therefore, BioCampus Montpellier supports the regional economic development. Moreover, due to their high level of expertise, sometimes unique, our facilities have a national and international outreach.


All the Life Science fields and beyond

The companies using BioCampus Montpellier are mainly focused on Life Science projects. Their concentration in this field is an indicator of the double importance of BioHealth locally through the academic laboratories at the origin of these facilities and also through the companies of the Montpellier area. The place of Agrifood & Environment companies is also important. Besides their initial core activities, our facilities are also used by companies in relatively distant fields (for instance, materials or jewellery).


Different business sectors

The firms requesting BioCampus Montpellier expertise are mainly companies that carry out their own research and development projects. Service and innovation agencies (SSI) and Contract Research Organisations (CRO) also use our services. BioCampus Montpellier facilities are also involved in the different steps of the production process. Finally, companies involved in the development or production of devices (instrumentation) use our technologies mainly for the creation or validation of their prototypes.


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