The StatABio facility is a network of statisticians working in different research groups in Montpellier. They offer help for the statistical treatment of biological data, including genomic, proteomic, cell imaging, and in vivo data.

Application Portfolio:

  • Statistical analysis,
  • Big data analysis and visualization,
  • Identification and validation of diagnostic biomarkers,
  • Definition of the sample size for studies requiring animals in the framework of the 3R principles (Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement), and help in writing the authorization demands to the Ethics committee on animal experimentation.

Main expertise/Services :

  • Statistical analysis of biological data
  • Support in project development/implementation (expert partner in statistics). From its design to the statistical analysis of the final results, we can support you throughout your scientific project.
  • Training courses on choosing the most suitable routine statistical analysis tools, and advanced courses specific for each data type.
  • Availability and development of innovative analysis tools for and from the associated research groups.

Access and service policy:

The facility is open to academic and private-sector users. Services are fee-based.


Application notes:


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