ZEFIX is the platform specialized in the use of aquatic models for biology and health research in the Montpellier area.

The objective of the platform is to support research by providing space, accommodation, equipment, support and training for the development of projects related to the aquatic models Danio Rerio (zebrafish) and Xenopus Laevis.

Composed of 4 technical sites with complementary expertise, ZEFIX provides advanced technological equipment for housing and husbandry, cellular and embryonic phenotyping as well as the functional exploration of these models.


Application portfolio:

Zebrafish and Xenopus are commonly used in research for cell biology, developmental biology, and functional exploration of normal and pathological conditions. Local applications in life science include :

  • Cell and developmental biology

  • Tissue dynamics and regeneration

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Host-pathogens interactions

  • Cardiac development and pathologies

  • Oncology…

Main Expertise / Services:

  • Housing, husbandry, Cryopreservation (implementation in progress)

  • Cellular and embryonic phenotyping

  • Functional exploration: cardiac, sensory-motor…

  • Training: Local technical training, monthly scientific and technical seminars. ZEFIX is also setting up training courses dedicated to the use of aquatic models for research with respect to institutional regulations (Level B, planned for 2023 in Montpellier).

Access and services policy:

ZEFIX has set up a price list for the services available within its scope of activity.

ZEFIX works closely with the other Biocampus platforms.

ZEFIX works in strict compliance with the regulations on ethics and animal welfare.



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