Montpellier Alliance for Metabolomics and Metabolism Analysis is a consortium facilities, which offer state of the art analytical technologies for studying metabolism. We are able to analyze in synergistic fashion different biological systems (human, animal, vegetable) as well as to answer to multiple analytical challenges that span from clinical to environmental samples (soil, water, air). 

Application Portfolio:

  • Targeted metabolomics (MRM analysis of over 300 metabolites),
  • Untargeted metabolomics (high resolution MS),
  • Volatile metabolites (GC-MS)
  • Metabolism studies in cells/tissues (Oroboros O2k and Seahorse)

Main expertise/Services:

  • General metabolites (amino acids, nucleotides, sugars, organic acids)
  • Lipidomics (enzymatic and non-enzymatic Oxylipins)
  • Clinical metabolomics (quantification of metabolites in body fluids)
  • Environmental pollutants (metabolism of xenobiotics)
  • Chemical mediators (volatile signaling molecules)
  • Simultaneous high resolution measurement of oxygen consumption and H2O2 production (O2k Oroboros Fluorespirometer)
  • Measurement of oxygen consumption and acidification of cell systems

Access and service policy:

The facility is open to academic, clinical, and private-sector users. We are part of RocMe network of metabolomics labs/facilities.

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